How do you measure student engagement?

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with a grade level colleague of mine,  @legrandeurdm and plan out our video coaching program. Originally the idea of video coaching was brought to us by our district AISI leader @neillangevin. For those of you unfamiliar with video coaching, let me try to explain what we are up to.

The plan:

To record our classes from two points of view. First, from a class point of view where the camera is focused on us. This way we will be able to focus on our own tendencies, mannerisms, etc. Second, a whole class point of view where we can see the students. This will allow us to focus on what the kids are doing during our class. How do they react, interact, and engage? After recording our lessons, we will sit as individuals, and then together, to watch each others classes. Using a checklist of focus questions that we have come up with, we will discuss or “coach” each other.

Our Focus:

Our focus throughout this project will be on student engagement. We will be looking more specifically at:

  • instructional methods
  • questioning
  • pacing
  • differentiated instruction

Sounds pretty straight forward right? Maybe not. We really had a hard time answering the following question:

“How do we, as educators, measure engagement?”

My Request to you!

So I’m putting it out there to you.

How do you measure the engagement in YOUR classroom?


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I am committed to improving my own practice personally and professionally. I am an elementary school assistant principal and learning support teacher. I am also committed to helping others achieve their own personal goals in health and wellness.
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