Open Doors!

If you read my post last night (“Will the doors open?”) you know that this morning I looked for an opportunity to get into a colleagues classroom to observe, assist, or be part of their class.

Well, I successfully received 5 replies to my mass staff email. Out of these replies, I would have loved to visit any one of the classes. I chose to visit a grade 8 science class taught by an experienced/veteran teacher in our building. What an excellent experience!

I loved every minute of it. To see how another teacher manages a large class in a not so large room was great. Not to mention the order of the day, testing a person’s density, involved this teacher and a few brave students jumping into a garbage bin full of cold water to measure their volume. The class loved it, and everyone was engaged.

I hope that I have an opportunity in the future to get into another classroom, and quick!



About cameronhall

I am committed to improving my own practice personally and professionally. I am an elementary school assistant principal and learning support teacher. I am also committed to helping others achieve their own personal goals in health and wellness.
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