I want to learn. I want to improve. I want to share. My first blog post.

My first post, where will it go from here?

When it comes to education, I am fairly new in my career, merely 4 years in. However, over the last four years I have realized one thing, I don’t know as much as I thought I did, and I don’t mean this sarcastically. I was one of those kids growing up that really didn’t like school. I felt like I had other interests that served me better. It wasn’t until I finished playing basketball and my first degree, that I realized how much I loved to learn. Just the idea that I could improve or get better in something each and everyday excited me.

Unfortunately, something has happened to me in the last year or so, I felt as though I was teaching, but not learning. Day after day was beginning to feel very familiar…I don’t like familiar. I was craving a chance to change, a chance to improve, a chance to excel in something that I loved to do. While I don’t doubt that this is the goal of many educators, sometimes it’s hard to see this passion in others. I began by seeking out colleagues that I felt were like-minded or effective in their profession, and like a leech, I latched on and began seeing what they were doing that made them “good teachers”. The answer was simple, learning. These teachers were committed to learning. Each of them spent time away from the classroom interacting with other educators, whether in person or online, in an attempt to improve their own practices, and as a result, their teaching. These teachers were committed to learning, lifelong learning. That appealed to me, so I began searching out avenues to improve, connect, and learn.

This blog is committed to my lifelong learning. My hope is that through blogging, reflection, and the feedback of others, I may improve my own learning and teaching practices, as well as help others in their like-minded goals.

Why the blog?

I recently attended a professional development session led by George Couros (@gcouros) on web 2.0 in education. George focused his presentation on the uses of web resources in education, most specifically, twitter and blogging. While I am familiar with both of these avenues, I attended the session not to understanding “what” these technologies were, rather I was seeking the “how” these technologies are used. How do I use twitter and blogging effectively in my classroom? How do I use twitter and blogging to optimize my professional development? George gave insight into the “how”, and as a result, I have decided to begin a professional blog. I have had class-based blogs before, but never to communicate with other educators. I have decided to create my own PLN.

I am now familiar with the acronym PLN. From what I understand, it stands for “Professional Learning Network”, or as I have seen in some cases, “Personal Learning Network”. I am still confused on the correct terms associated with PLN. If you know, please feel free to correct me. Regardless of the terminology, I now understand what a PLN is. A PLN is my way of connecting with hundreds, if not thousands of educators all over the world in an attempt to quench my thirst for learning and improvement, and most importantly, a way for me to create the most effective learning environment possible for my students.

I look forward to the journey ahead.


About cameronhall

I am committed to improving my own practice personally and professionally. I am an elementary school assistant principal and learning support teacher. I am also committed to helping others achieve their own personal goals in health and wellness.
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One Response to I want to learn. I want to improve. I want to share. My first blog post.

  1. atyslau says:

    Great post, Cam! Can’t wait to develop a PLN with you and watch your blog grow.

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